• Athena Center Leuenberg

Why Businesses should learn from Ancient Wisdom: Mindfulness leads to Ethical Behavior

As the top 1% indirectly gives up on the future of our planet by looking into space travel and planetary conquest, we now realize that this is what happens when corporations are ruled by greed; mindlessly exploiting human and environmental resources for the sake of profit—billionaires looking for a possible planet to live in (most probably in vain) while the planet they are leaving behind burns.

Imagine being in possession of insurmountable amounts of money and power and being mindless about it—it pretty much seals the fate of the world.

According to research from IJSSER, “Severe ethical lapses have damaged the reputation of established corporations” worldwide. Corporations and people in positions of power have lost sight of what it means to live in this planet, in this present moment, along with many other human beings who share the consequences of every boardroom decision. The absence of mindfulness will inevitably take its toll, and the only ones who suffer are the ones whose resources have been exploited.

Mindfulness, in its most simple form, is all about being in the present moment. When making business decisions, mindfulness means going far deeper than that: it means being fully aware about who you are, where you are, and your connection with the world around you. It means “looking deeply into oneself” and connecting with your inner spirit in self-inquiry and self-understanding. Making decisions based on an elevated state of consciousness, instead of being purely based on accumulation and profit, seems to be long forgotten now. The corporate rat race has caused people into forgetting that they are one with the people of this earth; one with the world, and that this mindless exploitation will return to them until they realize that there is no other livable planet other than the one that they are in at this moment.

Researcher Kabat-Zinn says that mindfulness creates a moral life since it is the root from which generosity, empathy, compassion, inclusiveness, and equanimity stem from. Businesses that practice mindfulness are more likely to create sound decisions that benefit all and not just those who are powerful, since they operate in an elevated state of awareness. Mindfulness has also been found to decrease egocentric bias, which makes them more open to connect with the world around them as opposed to what most corporations are doing now.

According to Buddhist mindfulness, being in a heightened state of awareness promotes virtuous and prosocial qualities which drives people into making moral and ethical actions.

Dr. Gunes, Sevinc, one of the speakers for this year’s Online Summit, argued in her dissertation that mindfulness training “contributes to altered processing of morally relevant information”, which means that when one becomes fully aware of their actions, their decision-making process changes considerably in favor of what is morally and ethically beneficial. One may even argue that most leaders make unethical decisions because they are simply unable to process information holistically since they are constantly bombarded by too many external factors: the corporate race, lack of governmental or communal support, too many loud voices from influential people, among many others. In a society where everyone is rushing to accumulate the next best thing, mindfulness--and being constantly aware in the present moment—is a rebellion against the status quo.

Athena Wisdom Institute will be holding an Online Summit this October 4-7 where renowned researchers and business leaders will meet in a panel to discuss newer, more innovative, and revolutionized ways of working. We believe that the future depends on making relevant changes across industries and organizations where consciousness, sustainability, and mindfulness are aggressively practiced and promoted. In line with the United Nation’s Sustainable Development goals, we believe practicing mindfulness plays a role in creating wiser business decisions that benefit all.

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