Leadership Academy


Athena’s leadership programs aim at empowering today’s and tomorrow’s leaders to become authentic actors of change for a sustainable world. Who initiate a shift towards long term perspective and willing to have a lasting impact.


These programs are based on three pillars: alternative business frameworks, science and ancient wisdom and include personal development, professional skill-building and development of a sustainable initiative, from vision to implementation.

The selected business frameworks for skill-building all address rational and intuitive mind equally, which is the key principle at the core of Athena’s education approach.  These business frameworks consist of: a) Theory U of MIT, b) collegial counselling, c) Dragon Dreaming and d) the so-called 4C’s, which stand for:


Communication: the ability to synthesize and transmit ideas in both written and oral form;

Collaboration: the ability to work effectively with others, including those from diverse groups and opposing points of view;

Critical thinking: the ability to make decisions, solve problems and take action as appropriate;

Creativity: the ability to see what's not there and make something happen;

The scientific pillar includes knowledge-transfer, especially, however not only, in neuroscience, epigenetics, quantum physics, heart-brain coherence and self-awareness


For personal development our programs include highly transformative processes and methods originating from different ancient traditions.

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