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August 9-12, 2021

Become Fearless, Free, and Fully Feminine With Athena Leadership Program Discovery Calls


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Become Fearless, Free, and Fully Feminine With Athena Wisdom Leadership Programs

Online | Starts at €1140


September 11-12

From east to west, from sunrise to sunset, join us a on a wisdom and well-being discovery path for tired Leaders– a treat-yourself weekend retreat in the green hills of Swiss countryside.

In Person | €549


October 4-7, 2021

We invite the conscious leaders of yesterday, today and tomorrow to combat the constant disruption, take a deep conscious breath, and practice new ways of living and working.


Athena Center AG & Athena Wisdom Institute AG  visualises the world as, “A world in which diversity is appreciated for the sake of promoting and sustaining the well-being of all; “A world in which each individual can invest its potential to contribute to a better world”.

Here are our current program offerings: